A dynamic, bespoke and independently run recruitment agency
    • Our reputation has been built on local knowledge and knowing our clients and their businesses. We have always prided ourselves on building long term relationships, so that we can find the right people to fit within your organisation, both with the correct skills but equally important ensuring the team fit is correct.
    • We will spend time with you within your environment so we understand what makes your company the company that it is. This helps us make the correct match to fit in your companies culture.
    • We will not simply supply CVs by just reading the Job Description, as we will not know every key point to match on to save you time and ultimately money, i.e. the Job, the Client and the Boss match. We believe in investing time with you the Client, the team and the boss to really get an in-depth understanding at every level only presenting you with those candidates that match on all of those 3 all important levels. Did you know over 80% of people leave their jobs within the first 3 months because they don’t like the culture of the company or their boss? We help put paid to that frustrating statistic!
    • We will present no more than 5 suitable candidates that match on the 3 all important levels – Job, Client and Boss Match – as every one of those candidates will have been thoroughly face to face interviewed and assessed on these 3 levels too, along with their Eligibility to work ascertained for legal compliance. Simply, those that do not match on all 3 levels will not be presented to you.
    • We are so confident in getting it right first time as we have done so so 1999, that we offer 3 months in rebate period (please refer to out Terms of Business); and if we can’t find the right candidate, we will tell you so, not send you CVs of ‘make do’ candidates.
Finding the missing piece

A dynamic, bespoke and independently run recruitment agency.